Think you can spot a winner or a loser on the Link acquisition trail? Well now you can put your (virtual) money where your mouth is by playing the new link based trading game, from the stables of Dom Hodgson – best known for running the Thinkvisibility and Leeds Hack conferences.

Last month down in Brighton, on the southern shores of England, Our head engineer at Majestic SEO was helping out on a training workshop on how to use APIs alongside Dominic. Needless to say, these events might lead to raucous nights out in other industries – but in Geekdom they end up with a “what if” session over a pint in the pub.

So the “what if” went something like this…

“What if we gave the Majesic Million data out that we gave away on Christmas day more regularly?”

“Well, I can think of a REALLY good idea for that, but it’s not really a great money spinner”

“Oh really? well we might be able to give the Majestic Million data away for free, as it does not create a huge overhead for Majestic to ebuild every day”

“Well in that case, you have a great data set for building a link based trading game”

“Oh… OK… we’ll change Majestic’s road map to accommodate that then…”

But when everyone sobered up, it STILL sounded like a good idea and really from our end it was not too far away from a plan we had anyway. I expect it took Dominic a little longer to build the game, but it really is quite good! It’s quick to pick up and free to sign up and play.

The following weekend Dom sat down with a couple of cans of Boost, the latest series of Gossip Girl and his 3 monitor setup. You can see the first 12 hours coding if you are a true Geek…


24 hours later, was born. All you do is register, then buy shares in websites that you believe will increase their link counts over the next 60 days. With a choice of 50,000 websites to choose from, you’ll have plenty to decide upon, but Dom makes the process super easy. Then next day you can see whether your investments have grown or shrunk.


If you have already played the game, you’ll already know how it works – but let me be the first to add a “Top 5 tips”

5 Tips to playing LinkDaq

  1. The system uses the FRESH index. This means that link counts can go down as well as up and if there is a huge story on a news site a few months ago, this might leave a transient spike which – unless you are paying attention – might give you an unexpected surprise two months later.
  2. The day of the week is extremely important on whether you are heading for a Bull or a Bear market. That is because Majestic sees more links on weekdays than on weekends… but unless you spot the start and the end of the Fresh Index dates, you might not get these all in line.
  3. If you start inviting others, you start getting extra credits.
  4. Nobody will beat Andrew Girdwood…
  5. If you REALLY want to get grips with your share portfolio, you can always use your full Majestic account to see the new and lost links of any site in your portfolio (or ones you are considering for your portfolio).

We think this is a great way to use our data. We hope you like it too.


All comments relating to “buying links being black hat” will be deleted for the reader’s inability to read the article…


  • Matt Beswick

    Hahah, great idea – this appeals to pretty much every (geeky) part of me!


    October 12, 2012 at 9:49 am
  • Joe Henners

    Hm, very interesting stuff. Might it be possible to research if number and quality of new found backlings is connected with real stock market prices of major companies ?
    If so such data might be very interesting for financial analysts.

    October 12, 2012 at 8:36 pm
    • Dixon

      Actually, I have a presentation that I have on that sort of use of Majestic’s data which I use at Predictive Analytics and Big Data conferences. The thing is – at scale – there needs to be a fairly well financed visionary who can build up this idea into a commercial reality. Majestic are custodians of the data, but the interpretations are for others to look at. Most of our enterprise partners currently build SEO tools… but that is certainly not the only application.

      October 13, 2012 at 12:10 pm
  • Travis Brown

    Love this idea. I am going to be playing this in down time when I cannot seem to get the links that I want.

    Maybe, this is a new way to prospect links. Find the high valued (but unusual) sites on the market and go for those links. Looking forward to messing around with the game.

    October 16, 2012 at 10:56 am

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