Screenshot of Majestic Monitor.

A new suite of author reports and influencer discovery features is heading to These features are inspired from the Social Media Influencer tool, As a result, MajesticMonitor will move from being a separate standalone platform into an integrated offering within

Screenshot of Majestic Monitor.

The addition of authorship and creator data to adds a new dimension to Digital PR research. You will be able to find when and where certain authors are attributed to blog posts and articles. You’ll also be able to find similar creators. This web based view of social provides a new angle on Digital PR outreach. A new way of discovering the social handles associated with journalists and bloggers who write articles about your company, market and competitors.

As a result of this migration, the influencer platform at has entered a sunset period. MajesticMonitor customers who subscribe to both platforms may see savings by the removal of the separate MajesticMonitor platform fee. Qualifying Majestic subscribers will benefit from service enhancements as new influencer/author features are migrated to

What is MajesticMonitor?

MajesticMonitor is an influencer discovery platform launched by Majestic-12 Ltd on Wednesday 24th June 2020. It began as an internal research project. The project aimed to discover value streams from backlink data associated with social media platforms. Originally conceived as a tool to assist in paid advertising, Monitor was later pivoted to become an influencer discovery platform.

Unlike other social tools, Monitor uses link data from the Majestic Fresh backlink index. This differentiates it from other platforms that rely only on data from scraped or purchased from social media sites. Monitor’s focus on information gathered from the wider web helps you discover the influencers, creators and journalists who write articles and link to relevant websites in your niche.

The technology relies on two key principles: backlinks and html attribution meta tags.

Backlink data enables MajesticMonitor to report on what people say about social media output. Impactful posts from notable figures, and brand handles attract links. Majestic backlink data highlights these links to social media content.

By highlighting backlinks to social output, commentary on notable social content is captured. Backlinks provide the power to answer questions like “Where is my brand’s Twitter profile being mentioned online?” and, “are any of our Tweets gaining traction?”

The second principle powering Monitor is the html attribution tags. Technically “Twitter:author” and “Twitter:Site”. As HTML meta tags provide attribution data on blog pages and similar content, a web scale crawler is able to capture this information. With a webscale index, Majestic can answer questions like “Where is this author attributed?” and, “What content is this influencer credited as writing?”

Backlink data and html attribution meta tags provide insight. Processing this data further gifts Monitor an additional power – similar profiles. It turns out that if you have a @handle of interest, analysis of the web graph can yield lists of similar, or related handles. This works in a manner not too dissimilar to how social platforms use the social graph to discover handles you may be interested in.

What next for MajesticMonitor?

While MajesticMonitor had great potential, it was launched at a difficult time. Releasing a new product to a new market was always going to be a challenge. Covid took that challenge to the next level.

Regrettably, the service hasn’t made sufficient market impact to justify maintaining a separate platform and brand.

From a commercial perspective, the decision to move focus from a product in this situation is somewhat inevitable. Fortunately, we’ve been able to avoid job losses through natural turnover and transfer into the main Majestic product teams.

Bringing MajesticMonitor to a conclusion provides an opportunity for greater focus on the core product at It also gives us the ability to review the data and presentation of information in Monitor, providing an opportunity to deliver better value, and easier access to data if you already use for outreach and Digital PR.

Plans to support existing Monitor customers

If you use, or have used MajesticMonitor, an email is on its way to your inbox. While we hope this is good news for most of MajesticMonitor users, we don’t want to take your reaction for granted. If you haven’t heard from us, or have any questions or concerns, please do reach out to our Customer Success team at

The new tools and reports migrated from MajesticMonitor will be available to Majestic PRO subscribers – complementing enhanced access to Historic Index, the comparison suite, and newer tools like Solo Links, Mutual Links, and the Domain Name misspelling checker. We hope that combining the best features from MajesticMonitor into one Majestic subscription helps you take your Digital PR research to the next level.

If you haven’t used Monitor, we hope you enjoy trying the new features when they arrive in We are mindful of our customer’s procedures and SOPs. The inclusion of these new reports and features will respect your workflow. The initial integration will focus on enhancing new tools, with a limited integration into Site Explorer in order to support the use of the new features while minimising disruption to your processes.

When are the features being rolled out on

At the time of writing, our focus is on supporting any MajesticMonitor users who may be impacted by this change. An announcement regarding launch of new features will be made soon.

After an initial launch of functionality on Majestic, access to various parts of the MajesticMonitor system will be subject to a phased withdrawal, with the aim to fully sunset the website by end Q2 2024.

This period will see further enhancements made across the platform, in both influencer intelligence and facilitating new ways to explore backlink data. As ever, we look forward to your requests and suggestions to help inform planning around the roadmap.

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