birminghampostThe Birmingham Post Business awards was certainly a “swanky” affair this week. Declan Curry was the compere for the evening and goodness knows who was in the audience, but the phrase “Lord Mayor, My Lords Ladies and Gentlemen” was used on a number of occasions – without a hint of sarcasm.

Majestic 12 had been shortlisted on two awards, so we thought we should book ourselves a table – but when it came down to the wire, nobody an Majestic (except for me) felt they wanted to attend, so the Birmingham Science Park Aston stepped in to help us with some expert net-workers.

So there must have been 600 people all there, doled up inblack-tie and some fantastic outfits and the food was great. But we were really there to find out if we had anything to take away.

Well the answer is yes. Majestic was up for two awards – the first was a “Creative Industry” award and the other was an “Export” award – as most of our sales are now international. Although we didn’t get top prize, we were delighted to be given a “highly commended” in the Creative Industry category. What was a bit weird was to find out that the winner was the Birmingham Hippodrome. I can imagine the panel of judges asking how two such disparate businesses ended up in the same category. The answer is that we couldn’t figure out any better categories to enter! Anyway… when it comes to “creative” I think that the best guys won – but we are really happy that such a broad and prestigious set of awards shortlisted us and then gave us a highly commended badge.

I did manage to capture the moment, but I am afraid that I only had an Iphone there, so the video quality really isn’t “all that”. Anyway – just for the record:

Thanks to the Birmingham Post and also to the BSPA for the extra wine and refreshments. Mostly though… thanks to the chefs, whoever they were. That was GREAT food.


  • Gary

    Keep up the good work, its great to see a UK company doing such great work in the search industry.

    I also think that being recognised locally shows how the work you are doing is being noticed and used by a large spectrum of people which is great.

    September 29, 2010 at 11:42 am

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