You can now see Majestic link count data within Piwik, the open source web analytics tool which seems to be emerging as the only viable alternative to Google Analytics. Here’s a screenshot of our integration from the beta (so excuse the zeros).

Why Piwik?

Majestic chose to avoid Google Analytics from the beginning for their own website. Not because we don’t like Google Analytics. In fact it’s brilliant. But, as it would mean by its very nature, that we give out data to a third party. Since Google is one of the very few organisations that crawls the web more aggressively than Majestic, we felt it was better from the start to use a technology where we stored all of our analytics data on our own servers.

This helped us to build a relationship with Piwik, and when we got around to talking about whether they had search data that might help the Open Source project, we of course said yes please!

Also, Google probably doesn’t want our data in their analytics, but if they asked… we’d surely consider it! Maybe someone like Omniture or Unica might like to tread the board with us in the future as well.

How Deep is the Integration?

Right now, the integration is only the link counts that you see in the screenshot, which we show for every page on your site. If you click on these you get sent through to Majestic’s Site Explorer information on the data. If you are then logged in, and have a paid account at Majestic, you will automatically be able to drill down into the results further.

Want to try Piwik?

They are over at

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