Win 25 credits free at our Pubcon Treasure hunt. Majestic SEO will be sculking around Pubcon in the form of its Marketing Director, Dixon Jones AKA Receptional. All you need to do is to track him down and give him a business card with the word “TREASURE” written on it. How can you find Dixon / Receptional in several thousand people? Well he’ll be trying to keep his badge on for the whole week. He’s also on the agenda on three separate sessions and will be at the Pubcon party on the Friday. Your treasure hunt might also bear fruit at the Treasure Island hotel bar, but please don’t knock on his room! The small print: The competition is open to both new and existing Majestic SEO users, but only one prize per person and per company. You must, however, be registered on before the end of 14 November 2009, using the email address on your business card (or write the email address you wish to enter on the card). Majestic SEO’s decision is final. Your business card wil only be used in relation to this incentive and will then be destroyed. First 10 people to find Dixon get the prize!

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