We would like to say a big thank you to a chap called “Scott”. He snuck up on us today and now we are quietly proud to say that 5,000 people have registered on MajesticSEO.com.

Since we soft launched last year, we have been collecting users daily. Even though we have not yet tried to make a “splash” the word seems to be leaking out that there simply isn’t another database like ours in the world. Well… Google’s… but presumably they won’t be giving away their data as it’s their secret sauce (or is the secret source?).

With 5,000 users we now think that we have given the system a pretty reasonable test run and we are getting ready to up our game soon.

We did think about offering the 5,000th user some free credits – but since the moment has passed, maybe I’ll ask the boss if he can commit to a prize now for the 10,000th user? If you want to suggest a prize in the comments, all I can do is give you feedback. (Hope I don’t get shot for suggesting it so publicly).


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