With most of the world still in a state of disarray economically and other companies in the tech-sector finding fund raising hard, we are absolutely delighted to be able to announce that we have received undisclosed but substantial investment from Dutch investor Rene van Mullem. Here’s the official press release:

Majestic-SEO Secures Investment Partner

Majestic-12 Ltd, owners of link tools of MajesticSEO has secured undisclosed but substantial funding from a Dutch investor.

Birmingham, UK (PRWeb UK) 25 January 2010 — Majestic-12 Ltd, owners of the link tools at MajesticSEO has secured undisclosed but substantial funding from Dutch investor Rene van Mullem, the founder of leading Dutch classified website Marktplaats.nl which was bought by Ebay for 225 mln euros.

Majestic-12 Ltd is a technology company based in Birmingham Science Park – Aston (United Kingdom), that has produced an independent map of the way pages link to each other on the web.

Majestic-12 has used distributed crawlers run by a team of volunteers on hundreds of PCs around the world to produce this database of links, known as a web graph. This web graph has a number of commercial applications, notably in part understanding how modern day search algorithms interpret and prioritize web pages. The database includes anchor text in multiple international character sets and companies can interrogate the database from a web based interface for monthly subscriptions starting at £10 (12 Euros) a month, or through an API by agreement.

Majestic-12 was founded by Alex Chudnovsky in 2004 and had been crawling the internet for several years already prior to launching their web based initiative in 2008. In 2009 Majestic-SEO increased its prominence in the search industry, bringing Dixon Jones from Receptional on board to help bring the product to market.

Majestic-SEO has earmarked the investment to further develop its infrastructure in 2010. This investment will see Majestic significantly step up its crawl and indexing rates and bring down our datacrawl update time significantly. Alex Chudnovsky remarked, “Even though we have already been reindexing monthly for the several months, we can improve this further. In addition, this funding will allow Majestic to accelerate its timeline, bringing more exciting products to market throughout 2010 and beyond.”

Press Release Ends.

If you have come on in from the press release and want to know more about our technology and our milestones, here are a few places to start:

You can follow our progress – either here or live on Twitter.

For more information, contact Dixon Jones, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham Science Park Aston, B7 4BB. United Kingdom. Tel: +44(0)121 2505767.

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