If you are opted into our Newsletter (via your options panel) or on our Webinar you will already know that MajesticSEO launched a new website on Monday. I wanted to let you know more about the new site and the opportunities it opens up for you and for majestic SEO.

We are really proud of it – so if you haven’t already done so, please just take a second to plug it on your favourite Social network.

Why we changed the site

Well we always knew that the site redesign in 2009 was a stop gap. It looked way better than the early days, but did not address unlimited user interface (UI) issues and a really clunky CSS (or lack of). The main limiting factor, though, was the need to build in more resilience. The tech – team have taken the time to post up some of the really call technology issues surrounding the new website and if you are geek like and a coder, you’ll love to read that in our other blog post.

I want to highlight some of the UI and navigation improvements that we have put onto the new site. Of course, the beauty of improving the UI is that users don’t often even realize that something has improved – it just feels “easier to use”. We like that!

The New Reports and Tools section


We have replaced what we used to call the “control panel” with an entirely new look and feel called Reports and Tools. This is now the nerve center of subscription based accounts. This is always available from the red arrow button at the top of the screen. From here we also give you much easier access in the tabs to the free tools that you have come to use, which you can see with the red circle.

The yellow area will be a quick way for us to keep you informed – mainly of Index updates. Less scary than the red notification that was there before.


We also have easier ways to these tools from within the individual reports themselves, filling in details as you go. For example, when you start a new domain investigation, you can hotlink to the backlink history tool direct from the free report, as well as the bad neighbourhood checker. Previously, we only pushed you into buying the report – although we hope this is more intuitive too.

Getting to the heart of the changes in the advanced reports


The advanced reports screen is much more intuitive now. The ability to download reports or change the filters in the Options have been brought to the fore and immediately make the power of the system more obvious to all SEOs or affiliate marketers. Then I think the left hand menu really helps to quickly delve into the reports:
Overview: This screen resembles the previous summary, showing the top anchors, top referring domains and strongest site pages. It also tells you how many of the link results you are currently filtering out via the options filters. (We exclude some by default, but you can always put them back in if you need).

Countries: This is a table of which countries the site’s links are coming from. Tip: Pop this into a spreadsheet to make some pretty pie charts and even better, weight the referring domains by the internet enabled populations of each country to get an idea of a site’s market penetration into a country.

Anchor: Gives you all the anchor text of the links

TLDs: Similar to the country tab – but this shows you all links from all the top level domains. We built this as a precursor to us being able to give you Government and Educational backlinks in the free tools.

Ref Domains: If you are more interested in seeing the strongest links than the anchor text, this Shows the strongest referring domains in order and their links.

Daily Updates: Can’t wait until the next full index update? As we crawl, we’ll try to let you know want we are finding on the fly. The links are as we FIND them, not as they were made, but we know this is very useful to some of you in your daily routines.

IPs: Sometimes it is not the referring domains, but the IP numbers behind them that you want to investigate. Here it is –and as with most reports you can export to CSV real quick.

Subnets: They IPs report grouped into Class C domains.
Top backlinks: This gives you the equivalent of the “standard” report strength into the advanced report – with easy on the fly filters.

There’s plenty more to try. Come onto one of our free webinars or have a look at a video or two in you want to know more or… even better… just buy a subscription from just £10 a month and dive right in.


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