We have take a next step towards making the site a little more intuitive, today. We are also paving the way for some considerably more complex changes coming up.

The most important change for me is to exclude “Nofollows”, “Deleted”, “AltText” and “Mention only” from the default reports after you retrieve the back-link data. We have been carefully noting what people have been saying about Majestic and one criticism has been “the data is out of date”. We have been working hard to make sure that this criticism won’t stick around for long. Investing in servers and infrastructure is part of this, but also – many people take all the links (our bad – now fixed) instead of filtering out the stuff they don’t need for SEO analysis. You can always get the data back, by going into the options panel. Here you will see new domains with the following exclusions by default:

The default settings when you import a new domains into MajesticSEO

This will reduce the number of links you see, but will concentrate your mind on ones more likely to count.

The summary overview screen will let you know how many backlinks we have excluded for you.

Most Customers to the site may notice it now by the changed “Control Panel Tools” menu.

New messages in MajesticSEO control panel

We previously described the actions a little differently, as well as having the drop down before the domain box. We hope that these three options are more self explanatory than previously. If you are seeing a fourth box above, then you are part of some more advanced work, which should come down the line in a few weeks.

I hope these changes are helpful to people. We’d love your feedback, so I have updated the Poll on the top right of this blog page. Your vote wins nothing, but we do value your opinions!


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