Sneaking it on on a Friday is unusual for us – but we’ve been itching to get this live.

This afternoon we are announcing a new MajesticSEO API developer platform which will allow programmers to look at all the API commands and play with the technology. If you want to dive right in and look at what we have, start at to see the main commands.

Behind the scenes, we have also created a sandbox for Platinum users and above, which will allow them to test their applications on a very small sample of data, without using their resources. Instructions for executing API commands in sandbox mode are here.

The documentation for the API is now all there as a WIKI, which will be much easier for us to keep up the documentation and the direction of the API commands moving forward.

If you are a programmer with API access… enjoy. If you are a developer and need to build the application to generate the business case for your company to use our API, then you can make a case for us via support to give you access to the sandbox.


  • Just an Other Admin

    Very nice 😉

    If one day keyword or even fulltext Database of the web is available such an API might become very interesting for statistic and scientific purposes. As until now there is no other company offering such an service.

    November 20, 2010 at 3:02 am

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