In case you didn’t see it on the Twitter speak, MajesticSEO has a new site in beta, which you can see for yourself at

The new site has the following:

  • It is MUCH faster. We have totally re-engineered the back end. This has been really hard work, but speed will not be the only reward. From here on, we will be a little more nimble in development we think.
  • The user interface (UI) has been completely overhauled. We think you will find the new site much more intuitive and you will start finding hidden gems of data that you never knew existed.
  • We have simplified access to the report tools and made access to tools like the TLD and Country reports more obvious.

have fun and let us know what you think.

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Dixon Jones

Marketing Director at Majestic
Marketing Director at Majestic.
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  • Dixon

    Chris has just uploaded a new Version of our site to beta.

    Features are:
    1) Improved UTF-8 character handling
    2) Bigger Fonts in Tables
    3) Minor tweaks to table orders – some columns re-arranged in an attempt to improve readability – some that are perceived to be less used dropped
    4) New Icons for report types in an attempt to increase usability.
    5) Table alignment and date formatting revisited to attempt to make more consistent throughout site
    6) Removal of boiler plate from VAT details screen
    7) Some minor typos

    October 5, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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