Developing using our API just got a whole lot easier if you are a small developer! Until recently our OpenApps documentation was more than confusing. But no more… Jess Rose has rewritten the documentation to make it easier and has written it up here.



As part of our ongoing effort to encourage development with Majestic SEO data through our suite of API offerings, we’ve begun giving our documentation an overhaul. We’ve started by rewriting our development documentation for our OpenApps page first. OpenApps is a way in which Majestic SEO subscribers can connect their account resources to third party applications through our API.

We’ve had some incredible talent develop OpenApps applications, including SEO Gadget, Linkrisk, SEO tools for Excel and our own plugins for Chrome and Firefox. We would love to see new and familiar faces continue to build on our data through OpenApps. Please see our revised documentation to see how you can begin building your own OpenApps application.

Have feedback about the new OpenApps documentation or any of our other developer documentation? Let us know in the comments below.

How do you get access to OpenApps?

OpenApps developers currently require a Platinum account. If you have already developed an OpenApps application that has plenty of users, or if you want to try OpenApps for a period to see if it will work for you, then you can request an extended trial here.


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