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This is a really interesting implementation of our link data, built by Spydermate.

Whenever someone asks us about our APIs, they generally fall into two camps. People that want to build internal tools and those that want to build tools for SEOs an third parties. Of those that want the latter, we have a low cost option and an enterprise option and many developers get frustrated when they find out that somewhere, all this data costs a lot to build and maintain – so you need to be a Raventools to have that level of access. But others look at what they CAN get in the light API and use it wisely. That’s the case with Spydermate. They have one of the most imaginative implementations of our data that I have seen to date and I urge you to go and try it out and maybe support him with the premium offering so that he has enough customers to take the whole dataset and do something brilliant with it.

What’s Cool about the new Spydermate tool?

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Spydermate analyses web pages and tells you some seo secrets about them. What I really liked was the way they combined several well known data sources to create this spidergraph to give you a really visual indication as to your page strength as shown here for our site.

The spidergram also acts as a way to quickly give the page a factor out of 100 for “strength” and displays it pleasingly (if you have a good number). If you don’t have a good number, then that’s OK, because in addition, the system spiders the page (as you would expect with a name like that) and picks up all the obvious SEO no-nos and lists them for you. I did that with one of our internal pages… which we never really optimized… and immediately saw things that we could do to improve ours site. Screenshot below…

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The tool comes in two flavours – free and paid. The SEO Tool market has quite a few players now, but this one is one to watch because I think they have used interesting new ways to display data and I would imagine clients would like being told that their page has improved from “45” to “85” in the last month.


  • Gary

    This looks really good, We have had a similar type of tool on our website which graphed out different metrics into a web.

    Visualising any type of data will always be popular.

    September 30, 2010 at 2:41 pm
  • Gareth

    It does look like a total nick of the seomoz visualization tool in the labs.

    September 30, 2010 at 8:27 pm
  • Joshua

    I’m using this tool now and I like it a lot. I was using SEOmoz Pro which is a great SEO tool in it’s own right, but I feel like SpyderMate gives me more of what I need and is more user friendly.

    December 20, 2012 at 3:03 pm

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