Majestic SEO is currently at SMX in San Jose. I took the time to listen to the “Getting Personal” session on the first day. It was chaired by Danny Sullivan and had Jack Menzel from Google+ and Paul Yiu from Bing. Although most of the presentation was of course about social signals, Danny asked an interesting question. “Is Social the new Link Building?”

Danny Sullivan (seated) and Jack Menzel (Google+)

Jack Menzel said that he did not think links were going to go away. He did say that Social votes were a new signal, but Danny said that at the moment he still saw links as the dominant factor at the moment.

Paul Yiu from Bing confirmed that links remained a significant signal and said thaht even in social, a link in a tweet or social comment would also form part of Bing’s decision process.

I would be inclined to agree that right now – and ongoing – links remain a hugely powerful factor in scoring algorithms. In the meantime, Majestic SEO is looking to become fresher and faster in getting data to you promptly. By updating our Fresh Index now two or three times a day, we don’t pretend to be a social media monitoring technology – but we are a prompt technology, relatively speaking!


  • Chris

    Dixon I have used your tools for years, keep coming back to it as I find it has everything I need. I’ve been using Advanced Link Manager for keeping track of links, but I find its only as good as the proxies I use or the mood that Google are in that day. I’ve figured out that an advanced Majestic report using the freshness index gives me all the data I need.

    March 13, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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