With the summer months approaching and with everybody planning for their summer holidays, we at Majestic SEO thought it best to let you all know of our plans over the next two months.

The first event on our list is SMX Advanced in Seattle from 5th – 6th June, where we will have a stand. The Majestic SEO representatives here will be Brian Bowers and Chris Carter, where they will be at booth number 2. So if you are attending SMX Advanced in Seattle, make sure you stop by the Majestic SEO booth.

The next event that Majestic SEO will be attending coincides with the final day of SMX Advanced on 6th June. This event is known as Hitreach and will be held in Arbroath, Scotland. Dixon Jones will be the representative from Majestic SEO at this event. Dixon will be giving a presentation at the Angus Centre for Enterprise, during the morning of this event. This presentation will be called ‘Learn Business Success Strategies & Gain Expert Online Marketing Advice to Help You Compete Online’.  If you are attending this event and you are starting out in the business world, or work in online marketing and or search engine optimisation, Dixon’s presentation is something you won’t want to miss out on.

The final event we will be attending over the next few months is Search Exchange Conference in Charlotte, NC from 23rd-25th July, with this year’s event being held at the Charlotte Chamber. Dixon Jones will again be the Majestic SEO representative at this event, where you will be able to catch him speaking at two different presentations. Dixon will be speaking at the Kings/Queens of Link Building Part II starting at 2:45pm and finishing at 3:30pm. The second presentation Dixon will be speaking at is Analytics & Reporting Part II. This starts at 5:15pm and finishes at 6pm, both of these will be held on the first day, so if you are attending, make sure you check them out.

If you are attending or know of anyone attending these events over the next few months, make sure to check out the Majestic stand or if you can stop by one of Dixon’s presentations. You really wouldn’t want to miss out. We will be attending events later in the year as well, we promise to keep you updated on those events, so you will know exactly where you can find a representative of Majestic SEO.

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