Yesterday, SMX Israel took place and Majestic were proud to be major sponsors. I thought I would note some of the interesting takeaways that before I forget them.

1: Excel for SEO rocks.

Two presenters mentioned Neil Bosma’s Excel plugin for SEOs which looks like it absolutely is brilliant. Neil – I hope you’ll look at our OpenApps system and consider integrating our link data. You know how to find me. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t work on my Mac Air so I’ll have to get back to the office and start playing with it on a PC.

2: My presentation on analysing algorithm changes like Panda

What really excites me about hearing that this Neil Basma’s plugin was already available, is that it will be even easier to implement some of the statistical tests that I was discussing on my panel, which was about analysing algorithm updates like Panda (Embedded below).

3: Marty Weintraub is Married

I do feel for Laura Weintraub. Marty is a very entertaining speaker, but I would imagine he is an exhausting husband!

4: Majestic’s Backlink Data is indeed Strong

Israeli SEOs are (I am glad to say) obsessed with links and Rankabove discussed their research into the various link data suppliers and I am delighted to say that Majestic came out on top. We are far from complacent, though, and have some exciting developments lined up for 2012.

5: Here are some more useful SEO Tools

My second presentation of the day was on the SEO Tools I use. Naturally, Majestic SEO is in the list, but I take my hat off to some of the other tools out there and went into why I like many of these tools. Again, the presentation is embedded below.

SMX Israel has again been an excellent conference with an excellent line up of speakers. I am glad Majestic SEO were able to sponsor the event and I wish Barry Schwarz and everyone a safe journey home.


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