Last week we made a small tweak to our Bulk Backlink checker tool so that you can see how many pages we have indexed for every site in your list.

That means you can check up to 100,000 domains in one pop if you really want to, and we’ll tell you how many pages we have for each one. This is different to knowing all the links to a site and can also be a factor in understanding how developed a website might be.

The data already appears on a site by site basis on the summary page:

…But if you are looking at thousands of potential domains, that’s not quite so useful. Better would be to put all the sites into the bulk backlink checker:

From here you can either cut and paste a bunch of URLs (as shown below) Or you can look for the “upload a file” button to check large quantities of up to 100,000 sites.

In the cut and paste method, a graphical interface is returned, which does NOT show the indexed urls. However – when you hit the “Export Data” button, the Indexed URLs will be in the export:

If you use the file upload method, a file is returned anyway, rather than the graphical interface.





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