Today we are making a slight change to the system, to make sure that we can maintain and improve the quality of service to our web based customers and to encourage bots and scrapers to start using our API instead of slowing up the site.

The change just means that you will need to be logged in to see most of the free data.

This will free up quite a lot of bandwidth for us. If you are on the £250 a month platinum package, we provide those customers with the full API for internal use and they are also able to use the light API on an unmetered level (subject to server limitations) for most purposes, but we now need to stop automated queries on the web interface.

This will save – oh… about 400,000 queries a day. That should give us a bit more capacity for the rest of you 🙂

Now of course, a few bots are going to break at this point. Please set up a sales support ticket and we’ll try to get you on the lighter shaded hat colour. You can also see more details about our API options here.


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