We’ve been asked for some time to allow agencies to share Majestic data with clients, so we are delighted today to be able to show new features for our agency customers – or anyone that wants to be able to show off their hard work to bosses, sub-ordinates or if you just want to be able to demonstrate the state of a vertical.

Introducing Campaign Sharing

For anyone with a Gold account or up (which is a lower price than most of our competitors’ entry level pricing) we have now allowed users to distribute public or private links to others that would like to be able to view a campaign in read only mode. It also lets industry analysts and other users analyze groups of sites or pages (be they Twitter profiles, Blog posts on a topic or industry cohorts) and show their analyses in real time.

Here’s how to set it up. Go to any campaign and look at the top right of the page. You should see this button:

Campaign Sharing

Your campaigns can now be shared – either publicly (via a clickable URL) or privately (via an email invite). Both Public and Private sharing can be controlled using the share icon in the top right hand corner of the campaign view.

public share box

Majestic Mentions 2If a campaign has been shared with you, non-paying users get the data in read-only mode, whilst paying subscribers can clone the campaign using the “EDIT CAMPAIGN” button, which enables access to all the normal features for a campaign, such as email alerts and editing campaign items.


Majestic in Space

We’ve also added two new features to the campaigns view in the dashboard, “Invitations” and “Archived” to facilitate domain management.


Majestic Sites

Invitations list any incoming private campaign invites which may have been shared with you. “Archived” acts as a trashcan – deleting any unused campaigns you add to it after 60 days.

Whilst viewing and cloning shared campaigns is free for all, sharing Campaigns is enabled on the Gold and Platinum and users of our Enterprise Plans.

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