Did you know that silver users or above can use our API as a CLIENT in applications created by third party developers? Now – if you are a web developer – we have made it much easier for you to link your applications to Majestic customers so that they can benefit from your tools, by adding the ability for a developer to add a return URL to their application link. This will allow us to return the access token to you dynamically – rather than making the user cut and paste the token into your application.


Why is OpenApps so good for Developers?

With OpenApps, developers can build powerful API driven tools with a fixed month cost of £250 / US$399 / €299 a month instead of paying several thousand pounds a month for our reseller partnership licensing. The usage cost is born by the end user, with whom Majestic has a direct relationship. This means that once a majestic account is connected to an OpenApps tool, that tool has all the power of Majestic at its finger tips. The whole of Majestic’s website is built upon the same API commands, and since MajesticSEO.com is in the top 1,000 websites in the world according to Alexa, that’s some scale!

Why is OpenApps so good for Users?

We try hard to develop our technology at a rapid pace, but our main focus has to be as custodians of the data – rather than building functionality for every use case scenario. Third party developers have the ability to be more agile and can build applications that will add new functionality to your Majestic SEO account that majestic could not build internally.

So Who already builds OpenApps?

You can now view our OpenApps directory online as launched on the 10th June 🙂

I’m a Developer, How do I use the Return URL?

I nearly forgot to tell you how to use the new functionality! The Authorisation URL that you have to give to users is defined in your OpenApps panel (which is also where you register new applications). It will look something like this: http://www.majesticseo.com/apps/XBHMQ9AI (This is not a real app… but hey, you can press it if you want).

The return URL that you provide MUST be on the same domain as the support URL that you present users. You can click on the app name in the OpenApps developer panel to remind yourself about that support page which you may or may not have remembered to actually write. My support page for this app is http://dixonjones.com/majsupport/ so my return URL HAS to be to a dixonjones.com url. So my link that I give to a user should have something like this syntax:


In either case, Majestic SEO will then replace {{AccessToken}} with the actual user access token between the brackets when sending the user back. (We remove the brackets in the return link.)

From there, you have many ways to use the access token. Although we cannot provide programming support, here’s an example of a mod rewrite to change the Access Token part of the URL back into a variable.


If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact help@majestic.com
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