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Over the next few days we will be making it much easier for small to medium third party developers to build tools based on our full API suite without having to jump through complicated legal arrangements.

Developers simply need a Platinum subscription to get started and end users can plug into developer applications on any level of subscription.

A simple “point and click” will let developers register an OpenApp on our system and – once registered – any Majestic user can authorize the app to access data resources in their account with just one click on a unique application URL supplied to the developer to give to their users. If their user is already a Majestic account holder, two clicks authorize the application – just like Oauth and other systems like Twitter and Facebook. If the user is not a Majestic client yet, we will help the user register with us to continue.

This image shows a typical Developer view of the Open Apps screen. The “Published Applications” section shows the developer’s own applications, together with unique links for them to share with end users. The top half of the screen shows which application they have authorized to access their account. End users will also see the top half of this screen, but only AFTER they have chosen to allow a third party application access to their data through the API. This stops novice users from getting overwhelmed. (Who says we don’t think of UX issues?)

Why do Developers need Platinum Access?

Supporting the API is more expensive than supporting the web interface. This mechanism prevents a developer trying to get the API for free by registering one developer account and then just using a silver account to access the API through the OpenApps system.

What if I have large numbers of users accessing OpenApps – don’t I get something back?

If you have many users actively using your technology every month, we may consider reducing the Platinum fee or even removing it. Very large take-up may result in more proactive partnerships in due course.

Can I verify free accounts in the API?

The verification system for free users and free reports does not extend to the API technology. You should be aware that accessing ANY data in a client account will count towards their monthly usage resources, including reports on the user’s own sites.

As a developer, will I ever have to pay more than a Platinum fee?

Not if you continue to use the OpenApps interface, because the scale is born by the end user, who has a separate and direct agreement with us.

I do not want to give Majestic my user base!

Then you may like to consider a full reseller license. This is considerably more expensive, but comes with service levels and – importantly – the right to re-license our data directly through your tools. We also seek to promote our partners at their discretion. You can see some of our full partners here. If you plan to be a large user of Majestic data, a full partnership license is the way to go – but comes with legal and financial commitments on both parties.

What can I do with the OpenApps commands?

Technically speaking, you can do almost everything that Majestic SEO does on the website, including  drilling down into the back-link detail for any URL, sub-domain or TLD on the web that we have in our index, you can look at new and lost links by calender date, you can pull the strongest links or build hubs of authority analysers like our Clique Hunter tool. You can of course see our Flow Metrics(r) for any URL or break down the backlinks by anchor text or by other criteria. Full documentation is available here.



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