Want to download more than a million links to a domain? More than 5 Million? More than 10 Million? Today we made that REALLY easy.

It was always possible to do. However, because downloading just the top backlinks was much more prominent, loads of people simply did not realise. What’s more – it was a hassle; but not anymore.

Here’s the link:

Raw Backlinks Export
Raw Backlinks Export

What I really like is that we have made it easy to see whether the request is going to use a lot or just a little of your monthly resources.

The button will actually have slightly different behaviour depending on who you are, and the data you are requesting. If, for example, you want a raw export of all backlinks to a site; with less than 2,500 links on silver, 5,000 links on Gold, or 10,000 links on platinum then you would PROBABLY prefer a “free” download instead of using your advanced report resources. As such we bring up a slightly different screen first offering you a “free” report:

1c. Smaller-domainsYou are welcome to still get the raw report if you want to… as the output is slightly different in terms of columns, but we thought we’d help you along a bit.

Keep calm and Carry On

Because raw link reports can take anything from a few seconds to half an hour to build; (Our own website would generate a file of 3.8 Million backlinks – just on Fresh for example), we figure you shouldn’t HAVE to spend that time watching the screen. You can go away, use the rest of the site or log off and come back later. When it is done it’ll be kept within your own downloads folder. If that happens while you are still on the site, we’ll pop a message up as soon as it’s done.

4. Success-Message

A UX Quandary Still Not Solved…

So we’ve fixed a long-standing moan from some users… and maybe others will not be mistaken into thinking we give you fewer links than the competition… but we still have a small issue, as our table download link is still there at the moment. This gives us a dilemma, as there are currently two ways to download links from the same screen right now:


We are looking at a suggestion which would combine the buttons and another that will show the difference on the screen. We will probably quietly push out something to reduce this UX dilemma for users soon…

In the meantime, if you want to download ALL the backlinks to a website, use the down arrow icon, not the “download data” icon. If however, you don’t want to start depleting your monthly allowances… vice versa.

Yes… OK… we’ll fix that…

What else is new?

6a. Adv-settingsWe have also made it so that you can set the preferred behaviour in your advanced settings. If you are in the habit of getting advanced reports but not in the habit of exporting them, you can add the advanced reports option in the raw links icon.

Does this work for ANY website?

There are a few limits, but pretty much – yes. There are a handful of sites on the web where the number of links is so large that we only allow export on an individual basis, as very few people would be able to process the huge database as a result. This also protects our systems. For example, if you asked for all of Amazon’s backlinks from the Historical Index; you would have a list of about 27 billion. As the Majestic 1000 account limits the downloads to 1 billion links a month, your account would max out before our system would. In any event we would not let you download 27 billion links without first making sure you knew what you were doing and agreeing a fixed fee for this. To give you an idea of how big 27 billion links are… an average powered computer listing them in Excel would probably need to break the list into about 10,000 smaller lists to see them all in Excel… so we are assuming that you don’t REALLY want a list that big in a SAAS system – but if you do, please we are happy to discuss these large scale tasks.

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