Majestic SEO are now working towards providing complete transparency in their new search engine, so that users can completely understand at a glance why one website or page might rank above another for any given search phrase. The first phase of this is to start breaking out the constituent parts of the things we can measure and showing you the number of occurrences of things like keywords in any search. Here’s an example of the new “Match Counts” tab that we launched today:

Match Counts


What are the Match Counts can you see?

Right now we are accounting for a small array of variables, but we plan to expand on these soon:

Example URL:

Using BOLD to highlight relevant part

  • Full Root Domain –
  • Short Root Domain –
  • Full Sub Domain –
  • Short Sub Domain-
  • TLD –
  • Query String –
  • Filename Extension –
  • Full Filename –
  • Short Filename –
  • Path –

Oh – and we are also showing a map of where top results are hosted around the world

If you do a search for something and then click on the “Maps” tab in Search Explorer, you’ll see where in the world the top 100 results are hosted. Again, we know that you would like us to skew results to your country or region, so step number one in this process is to start being able to show you where the sites are hosted at speed. we’ll go from there!

Serps Map

Never wonder about an unexpected search result again!

This is just the start. We know you would like to see transparency in WHY results appear the way they appear. Right now that’s a mega-tall order, but it’s what we are striving to show. By showing you (at least approximately) counts related to the search phrase in question, we are starting this journey.

Will users try to “fix” results on Majestic SEO?

It would be great to feel that we were are important enough to “game” one day, but our SERPs are not being developed to gain search popularity or market share, so it would be unlikely that any gaming of our SERPs will result in any increase in actual traffic and indeed, the reverse would be white likely. Manipulating these results MIGHT be possible, but in doing so we would expect this to be immediately counter productive to a website owner wishing to do well on the major search engines, where other factors will temper manipulation.

Want to Know exactly when we upgrade Search Explorer?

Search Explorer is going to be a big part of our plans moving forward. You can keep abreast of our search developments at


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