The build cycle for the new release of the Majestic Historic Index has completed in record time – which our techies make the fastest build of Historic since 2012!

Update: April 10th 2020 – The new infrastructure continues to perform well, with another Historic update smashing the record set by the previous update on March 24th.

The stats are, as ever, mind-boggling:

10th April Index update:

Unique URLs crawled: 2,371,111,956,878
Unique URLs found: 9,179,565,120,114
Date range: 24 Aug 2014 to 25 Mar 2020

24th March Historic Index Update:

Unique URLs crawled: 2,361,260,434,768
Unique URLs found: 9,165,400,849,448
Date range: 07 Aug 2014 to 08 Mar 2020

Explainer – The Majestic Backlink Indexes

Majestic Index updates are performed in batch – providing the computational resources required to calculate Trust Flow and Citation Flow on every update.

Majestic offer Fresh and Historic Indexes – Fresh being more frequently updated with Historic containing a larger volume of data gathered over a longer period.

The Majestic Historic Index facilitates deeper analysis across a massive volume of data, complimenting the timeliness of Majestic Fresh Index. The Fresh Index is rebuilt continually, offering far more frequent updates – see the Majestic Site for more details.

These Historic Index Updates follow our earlier release of the Historic Index of Thursday March 5th [], which was the first Historic build cluster on an upgraded Historic Infrastructure.

Historic Index is available on Majestic PRO and API plans, and to a number of customers grandfathered on legacy subscriptions.

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