Our large Historic Index just went live. Here are the main stats for this month:

Historic Index

Unique URLs crawled: 1,188,442,999,851
Unique URLs found: 6,038,240,960,250
Date range 17 Aug 2011 to 17 Mar 2017


For those new to Majestic, the Historic Index includes all links found since mid 2011 – which is over 5 years of crawl data. Many of these links will now have been deleted from the web, but Majestic flags them as deleted and keeps a track of them for posterity.

The Fresh Index also contains old links… infact it includes all links found over a 90 day crawl cycle and constantly updates. So as long as we see a link during the last 90 days, it will be in the Fresh Index, regardless of its initial creation or discovery. If you want to be confident about when a link was first created, it makes sense to check the source URL in both the Historic and the Fresh Index to make sure you get the most likely first found date.


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