We have now updated our Historic Index. Here are the new stats:

Historic Index

Pages crawled: 391,428,634,355
Unique URLs: 4,060,890,688,027
Date range: 05 May 2007 to 05 Dec 2012
Last updated: 02 Jan 2013


You can keep an eye on our index sizes from the home page of the site. The Fresh Index constantly updates while the Historic data is much larger.

If you have not yet tried our new “Tracking Reports“, now woudl be a good time to get these started. They do not impact your account resources – but until you START tracking a given URL or site, we will not keep a record of a site’s Flow Metrics over time for you. Using Tracking reports helps you to easily see if a site is gaining or losing power and influence as the web ebbs and flows.



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