Some of you may have noticed that over the summer period we released more Majestic news on different social platforms, and in other countries. That’s because moving forward we’re going to be rolling out more development updates and marketing in Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and German as we broaden our marketing strategy into these languages.

I noticed, but wasn’t sure what this meant?

It means that we’ve expanded our marketing strategy so if you’re currently reading our blog in English, but you prefer to read and engage in your native language, (Spanish, French, Italian, Polish or German), you can now do so. We will be:

  • Publishing blog posts in each of these languages at least twice a week, and following it up on the respective Twitter account to improve engagement and understanding.
  • Adding relevant videos for languages onto our YouTube channel. We have separated out our YouTube channel into different playlists so you can watch and access the videos with a    particular language translation more readily.
  • “Pinning” – there is now a Pinterest board for each of these countries where you can find tips, advice and images on SEO, analytics and more – all in your native language.
  • Sharing a “best of the week” post on our LinkedIn page which now also has named Majestic pages for these languages.
  • Launching our Majestic newsletter in these languages.

Why the change and these languages?

Research and team expertise.

I wanted to be able to align team expertise with what marketing content we could deliver… and deliver well. I can be a bit of a perfectionist 😉 Plus, I looked at the data and pinpointed which countries would be best for us to market in more detail at this current time – having travelled and spoken to a range of individuals and users in the last couple of years since starting at Majestic. Plus, (and I really would like to thank), our excellent team of Ambassadors as they have certainly supported this initiative and given me their tips and answers along the way to help me build the different marketing campaigns!

So does this mean that you’re not targeting other languages?

Not at all.

We still have the website in over 11 languages and a range of Ambassadors in different regions. But not being from an SEO background myself, I know how confusing certain SEO terms can be and wanted to reduce the language barrier where possible. Hopefully in time we’ll be able to offer more support in other languages too.

Is there more to come?

At the moment we’re able to offer walkthroughs in Polish and hope to be running webinars on a monthly basis in the other languages shortly. For more information on these please keep a look out on the relevant blog, twitter handle or social channel.

There will be other messages and marketing content to come too, so please watch this space, and let me know any feedback.

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