Why the Majestic name change?

By Nicola Carey |

Everyone we’ve spoken to on the road over the last couple of weeks has welcomed the announcement about us dropping the SEO from our name. For those of you who we haven’t had the chance to explain to in person, here’s the lowdown on why we’re now Majestic.com. It’s always a risk for any company…

Our rebrand starts here!

By Nicola Carey |

Welcome to Majestic! We have now redirected Majestic SEO’s home page to Majestic.com, and made some updates to the Majestic blog section. The previous blog.majesticseo.com link will automatically forward you to the new blog.majestic.com address but if you experience… Continue reading

Broken Link Building with Majestic

By Newsroom |

Please note this is an updated article from last August as since the post was originally published, links have been updated.  Broken Link Building is one of the last great white hat techniques that can be done at scale and Majestic’s suite of tools are integral to this process. The process of broken link building…


By Dixon Jones |

As we prepare for our migration from MajesticSEO to just Majestic, we have changed our twitter handle to @tryMajestic. @tryMajestic (Click to tell people) Does that mean I need to unfollow MajesticSEO? No! We have migrated all of our followers directly over to the new handle. If you followed MajesticSEO before, you are already following @tryMajestic. We…

Comparing the Comparators

By Dixon Jones |

Majestic has analyzed the major comparison websites in the UK, following the revelation that the Competition and Markets authority are to overhaul the industry. We have compared the entire sector so that you can analyze their relative market share! We have compared well over 50 of them in the Interactive Infographic below. Click around and…