Domain information on the summary page

What does it do?

This domain level information shows a summary of the information in site explorer.

Domain Information SummaryWhat insight does it give us?

Different types of back links are weighted differently in SEO. Some of the most valuable types of links for link building are educational and government sites. These are highly valuable they tend to have higher click through rates for traffic to your site. The logic being that users are more likely to follow a link if it is recommended by a highly trusted site as it  provides respected information.  Although there is no proof that Google treats educational and government links any differently, they are much more trusted so will have higher Flow Metric scores suggesting they are more influential. The domain information on the summary page of Site Explorer gives you a quick summary of how many back links your site has from government and educational sites as well as how many domains link to your site.

Not only can the source of the backlink be important on how influential it is but also the type of link that it is. When a link is deleted from a site and re-crawled by Google that link will not count anymore. It is important to know how many of each type of link that your site has as search engines give different weights to different types of links. Therefore if the majority of your links are redirects they will be less influential on your site rankings

Referring Domains Detail tab

What does it do?

Referring DomainsThe referring domain tab shows the top referring domains that are linking to your site. They are ordered by the number of back links to your site followed by its Alexa rank. The flow metrics of each site is also shown. The great thing about this tab is that you can select how you want the data to be displayed, so therefore you can have it ordered in a way that is most important so you.

Referring DomainsWhat insight does it gives us?

Often links are about the relationship between two sites, not about the absolute link count. The ‘signal’ of a few well defined links form one site to another can often be more important than site wide links on a footer or menu of a page. Looking at the referring domains as opposed to the individual back links helps to cut through the clutter and see which businesses may affect your brand online if you were to build bridges with them.




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    A useful text, especially now after Google Penguins uptade. Please give you can write an article about the difference between pandas and penguins. Thanks and best regards from Andrija, Serbia.

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