I noticed this request in our support queue over the weekend regarding deep links.

How can I find all the links to my site EXCEPT for links to the home page?

I thought I would show how to very quickly see this for ANY site – not just your own.

There are several ways to see this, but a very fast way is to look at the top pages section of Site Explorer:

You can can easily see from this page that after our home page, the most popular page on our site is the main Site Explorer tool page. Drilling down on the “ship’s wheel” icon will show them all in more depth.

If you need more, you can always get an advanced report for any site and then select the “Download all links” report. This report puts all the links into a CSV which, when sorted by the “target URL” field will easily put all the links not going to the home page in order.


Once you dowbnload all the links into a CSV file, they are orderd by “Target URL” by default, in alphabetical order, so you can simply delete the first lines of the CSV. In the case below, I highlighted links to the home page in red, for deletion.

In our case, we also have some tracking URLs below that we woudl want to also cull – but again the remaining urls re a list of links to DEEP pages within the site being analaysed. with most of the important attributes about the URls, such as Trust Flow and Citation flow included.


  • Rapid Queue

    Ahhhhh. This is how you do it. Much faster than the method I was previously using (analyzing page by page, at least for smaller websites).

    Will be implementing immediately.

    Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated!

    September 24, 2012 at 9:41 am

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