Whether you are a developer wanting low costy access to our API or a Majestic user wondering about whether letting a third party tool access your account is clever, I put together a 4 minute video on how OpenApps works. It’s pretty simple really. Just point and click…

WHATEVER subscription a user is on (even free) OpenApps allows developers who cannot buy our data “wholesale” so to speak to build applications that use our data through a subscriber’s account. This means the developer gets to build really cool applications without having to worry about whether one user is going to cost him or her a fortune. If you connect your account to a third party app, the app will only be able to access the account to the level you are subscribed.

You MUST trust the application developer not to rob you of all your resources! but if you are unsure, this video also shows you how to revole access to a third party application in your account. You should also note that API users cannot access “free” accounts, so if they analyze your own account, this use a bit of your monthly allowances.

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