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Have you got to the point where you KNOW Majestic SEO has the best data in your heart of hearts, but you cannot quite work out how to unlock it all? No matter… help is now at hand! This presentation goes right through the developments and innovations from Majestic throughout 2013, and takes a look at the way in which data can travel through links.

More importantly, after taking you through the real meaning of “Trust” on the Internet, and the difference between Citation Flow and Trust Flow, we go step by step through the tools I would personally use to get from pitching fort business right through to monitoring.

The many tools that Majestic SEO has are often buried deep within the site. This can make it difficult to see the wood for the trees at times, and whilst we can always make the site more intuitive, we thought it’d help to post something here; especially as the folks at Pubcon who attended the sponsored Majestic SEO session this year, seemed to get a huge amount from this particular walkthrough, as it went beyond listing our tools and into a workflow and methodology study.

I will try at some point to put this onto a video or in a webinar – in the meantime, enjoy!

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