New for 2015: How-To Videos

By Nicola Carey |

When we explained the Majestic re-brand last year, we promised to do more of the same and then a little bit more. So following some new marketing and developments to the website, we thought it was time… Continue reading

Historic Index Update

By Dixon Jones |

A quick post to announce that the Historic Index has now updated, with 2.8 trillion URLs in the index. Historic Index Unique URLs crawled: 754,197,288,250 Unique URLs found: 2,806,595,732,577 Date range: 15 May 2009 to 15 Dec 2014 Last updated: 08 Jan 2015 Can you Visualize That? That’s over 300 million… Continue reading

Welcoming French speaking Alex to the team

By Alex Berthou |

I’m a French 2nd year Business school student that has just arrived in the amazing city of Birmingham. I have been given the chance to work in the Majestic marketing team for a three month placement. It is for me the opportunity to be immersed in the English lifestyle, and to be faced and learn…

Link Building using Majestic. New Complete Course.

By Dixon Jones |

Send yourself or your team on a fully featured link building course for free. How much do you REALLY know about using Majestic? How much do you REALLY know about link building using Majestic? Today Majestic are launching a full blown, 12 module online training course showing you how to really get up to speed…