Estimating what Trust Flow you need in a vertical

By Eliza Bonecka |

There’s this one particular question that I hear almost every day: “What Trust Flow for a website like mine?”. Well, this question hasn’t been taken completely from outer space; so let’s investigate this further using space related websites! Trust Flow Trust Flow is a metric developed and owned by Majestic to help you evaluate whether…

How to Build a Media List for PR Using Link Data?

By Mel Carson |

Ever since being asked to be Majestic’s first ambassador back in 2012, I’ve been evangelizing how to use the platform for marketing and PR purposes beyond SEO and link building. I’ve talked at conferences and meet-ups all over the USA and had much success explaining how to use Majestic’s wealth Continue reading

Our Twitter Account Has Just Got A Little Bit More Majestic…

By David Kenning |

As of today, our Twitter account’s name has now changed from @tryMajestic to simply @Majestic. After lengthy discussions with the previous owner of the Majestic account (world renowned DJ based in London), we finally came to an agreement with him to the delight of the marketing team, in particular our social media ambassador. He is…

4 Reasons Your Competitors Get Media Coverage (And You Don’t)

By Ken McGaffin |

Media coverage is great for any business. It brings traffic, sales and adds to your reputation – and it can bring valuable editorial links. But if you’re not experienced in public relations, how do you get media coverage? Just like SEOs, many PRs are self-taught and I believe it’s a skillset that can be learned.…

Get Your Own 3D Visualisation of the Entire Internet

By Rosanne Shepherd |

It goes without saying the Internet is enormous, just thinking about the sheer magnitude of it is an overwhelming task. With Internet traffic expected to reach 1.1 zettabytes in 2016, around 140,000 websites being launched daily, and the average lifespan of a website lasting around 75 days it is understandable that much like space, the World Wide…

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