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The Digital Analytics Association aims to recognise and award those individuals along with groups who have made a significant contribution to the industry as a whole. The Association emerged from the Web Analytics Association (WAA) and is on its third year running. To celebrate the hard work and initiative of Digital Marketing professionals, the award ceremony will be held in San Francisco on 16th April 2013. There are number of categories up for grabs for individuals as well as groups, such as Most Influential Industry Contributor (Individual) and New Technology of the Year (Group). This is where MajesticSEO comes in…

Those of you who are well known with our Tools and use them frequently would understand as to why we were nominated for this category and many of you may even agree that award has our name written all over it (hopefully!). However, for those who may not be as familiar with us, here is the reason why we feel we were right to get nominated.

In  the past year MajesticSEO developed a new way to analyze the worth of any URL, sub-domain or website based on the iterative flow of data through links. The scale of the technology means that our Flow Metrics™ algorithms can instantly return this data for ANY pages.

The methodology and value of this data has potentially vast implication throughout the analytics industry beyond search engine optimization, including:

* Traffic estimation and competitor analysis

* Risk assessment

* Contextual information layer for demographic and intent based advertising platforms

* An alternative methodology for a pure search algorithm.

This reinforces MajesticSEO as THE leading Backlink Checker paving the industry, with Tools and Technology being introduced frequently to help enterprises better their SEO campaign. This is why we feel that the New Technology of the Year category is the perfect one to be nominated for us. Wish us luck!

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