We have a small UI update that we’d like to share with you.

As the team developed Link Graph, one thing that stuck out was how much real-estate on our pages is taken up by the Majestic header bar – particularly in Site Explorer. As a team member suggested,“when I’m on my laptop, it’s like trying to look at Link Graph through a letterbox.”

Showing the old Majestic header. It's very tall.
A screenshot of the old Majestic Site Explorer header, showing how little space is available for data.

Since that comment, we’ve been desperate to dedicate a bit of time to reduce this header size, and give you more immediate data before you start to scroll.

We’ve reduced the height of the big and blue Majestic header throughout the website. While it’s a relatively straightforward update, it may feel weird for a few days, (until your muscle memory refreshes).

What has changed in this update?

While it’s a small update for your workflow, this change will impact almost every page on the site. Here are the most obvious tweaks.

A smaller search bar for Site Explorer

The smaller Majestic header.  It's about half the vertical height of the old one.
Site Explorer, with a smaller header

We have reduced the vertical height at the top of Site Explorer.

Replaced ugly “Actions” buttons

The old header with some icons bottom-right
BEFORE: The unsightly and unlabeled Actions icons on the bottom-right of the blue bar

It’s been over five years since we introduced the small panel of actions icons to the right of Site Explorer. We’ve never tweaked them, as we haven’t had the horizontal space to add icons for other important actions. With this update, we’re replaced the old icons with a more comprehensive list of actions you can perform on your original search term.

The new Majestic Actions panel.
AFTER: A new, labeled, and expanded Actions panel for frequent tasks

Let us know if we missed a shortcut that you’d really like in there.

The header image for Compare Tools
BEFORE: A very tall Compare Tools header. The ‘Add More’ and ‘Related Sites’ buttons are out of flow.

This was the most difficult part of the update. The Compare header used to have space for five search terms, but once we’d brought the Index changer inline, there just wasn’t enough space to keep so many inputs. We have reduced the number of always-on input down to three items.

The new streamlined header for Compare Tools
AFTER: The new header for comparing domains with Compare Tools. Add More and Related Sites are now in the logical places.

But, don’t worry! If you regularly add more than three inputs, you can press the [+ add more] button at any time to add up to 10 domains for any Compare Tool lookup.

Using Copy and Paste compare up to 10 domains or URLs
Showing the Compare Tool with more than three inputs

PRO TIP! If you don’t know who your competitors are, you can press the [Related Sites] wizard button at any time to choose up to ten domains from a list of similar sites. This list is compiled from all of the websites that are most often found nearest links to each other.

Compare against your choice of similar websites
Showing how you can automatically compare a list of related sites

A smaller search bar for Search Explorer

Search Explorer header
Search Explorer also has a reduced header size

As well as streamlining the Search Explorer header, we have added a clear label to reinforce that you’re on Search Explorer (our text search tool), and not Site Explorer.

Removed legacy Clique Hunter parameters

The large Clique Hunter header, including a double-line of input parameters
BEFORE – Clique Hunter was very noisy, and had some unneccesary options

Clique Hunter is the Majestic tool that helps you find out which sites link to any group of websites. You can add up to ten sites (or URLs) and we will return a set of websites that have most links to that group.

To streamline your search decisions, we took the opportunity to reduce some of the unneccesary options for Clique Hunter. No longer will we ask you to choose a Depth of Analysis, or Number of Results. In both of these instances we have set the tool to run at the maximum value, giving you a consistent set of the most (and most relevant) results available at your subscription plan level.

Streamlined header, highlighting how easy it is to see Link Oportunities with Clique Hunter.
AFTER – We’ve maxed out the unneccsary options, and reduced the header size

PRO TIP! To see only websites that DO NOT link to one of your inputs, click the box beside Link Opportunities and choose a site. This is a great way to find which sites are bringing links to your competitor, but not you.

Standardised some legacy styling issues

We’ve reduced a lot of the noisy grey-on-grey throughout the site, and sorted out some inconsistent typography.

Layers or darker-grey on lighter grey
BEFORE – Site Explorer Context tab, with a lot of grey-on-grey, and darker feel
Tidier filters
AFTER – Site Explorer Context tab. Clearer to scan, and the grey on-grey has been replaced by a blue tint

Network Checker

Easier to find the data for IP lookups
A slightly-tidied Neighbourhood Checker. It’s easier to see which websites are from the same IP address.

Finally, we have tidied our Neighbourhood Checker. If you haven’t used it, that is the tool that you can use to find out which domains are hosted on the same IP addresses or subnets.

Have you found any issues?

As with any sitewide change, there’s always a worry that we’ve overlooked a certain browser layout, or infrequent use case. If anything in this has made your Majestic workflow worse, or if you have any ideas about how we can make things even better, please do get in touch.

Thanks for reading this short update. It’s maybe not our most exciting release of the year (see: Link Graph update #2!), but we hope that these small changes will help improve your Majestic experience.

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