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Welcome to Link Graph Update #2. Find out how we’ve boosted Link Graphs with link direction arrows, page titles, domain downloads, and selection filters. You can now draw around domain clusters, see the results, and export your link analysis to CSV!

If you haven’t used our Link Graphs yet, you should start by checking out our launch blog post. Then take a look at our first update, Data Tables.

Let’s take a look at the new updates, starting with the minor improvements.

Backlinks have direction, and sometimes the links don’t always lead straight to the centre of the graph. To help you work out who links to whom, link lines now have arrows to show link flow.

Hopefully it’s now easier to see where a single domain may branch off in a few different directions. This central domain is a Tier 1 link, but also links horizontally to other Tier 1 domains.

A central domain is linked to four other highlighted domains. Two of the links are incoming and the other three are outgoing.
Link Graph now identifies backlink direction

To keep the chart noise down and avoid slowing the initial graph render, directional arrows only appear when you select or interact with a domain circle or link line.

It’s common for two domains in a link graph relationship to link to one another.  If you see a double-headed red arrow, this shows that there is at least one link going in each direction.

In the middle of the Link Graph there are two domains that have a linke joining them with a red arrow between.  These domains are mutually linked.
Example of reciprocal links in a backlink profile

To see the target and subject for each domain, you can hover over the link line to trigger the link popup. (Oh! To help with your audits, we also added page titles to these popups).

A tooltip for a mutual link. We show the source and target for each side of the link couple.

Note: The reason that “mutual” is in quotation marks in the section header is that this is not a true mutual link report. This is NOT linking to AND linking back to 

The red diamond means that in the links that the link graph found, there is at least one page from that links to, and at least one page from that links to These may be completely separate pages.

A popular request has been to dynamically change the summary totals at the bottom of the page when you select groups of domains. We’ve added this for you.

Showing that the number of domains, links, and linker-per-domain, change when you select domains
Summary totals of backlinks for select groups of domains

Major Update – New Select Panel

The main update for this release is a new Select panel. We have added a variety of selection filters that let you zoom in on domains of note in the link data tool. 

A panel with two tab buttons, "Domains" and "Select"

Click on the SELECT button to see available selection filters.

The same panel as above, but expanded to show all of the different options in the Select panel.
Select groups of domains in your backlink profile with Link Graph

Going through these filters one-by-one…

Freehand Select Tool

This was one of those improvements that we really wanted to do, but thought that there may not be enough demand to justify the development time.

We were wrong! So, so many of you got in touch to ask for a way to draw around clusters and networks, then see a list of the domains inside. From today, you can use the Freehand Select filter to give you full control over the domains that you want to investigate.

Showing that you can choose the freehand option to draw around groups of domains in a link graph

To help speed up your workflow, the Freehand Select tool is also available via a lasso icon on the main graph.

A close-upof the lasso icon that launches the freehand drawing tool

Tier Select

These are the least-exciting of the new filters as they are same as the existing Tier toggles at the bottom of the chart.

Showing that you can choose Tier 2 in the Select panel to choose only Tier 2 sites.

Deleted” and “Redirect” filters work as you’d expect, selecting both domains either side of Deleted or Redirect links.

The “Domains that link to each other” filter will select all of the red double-arrow links, showing all of the domains in your link graph that are part of 2-way links. This is perfect for looking right inside a big cluster to see how many of the domain links are mutual.

Showing that you can choose "Domains that link to each other", and teh graph will select just the domains with mutual links

Filter by Flow Metric

The final domain filter is another popular request. You can now use Flow Metric scores to select groups of domains from around the Link Graph. In this screenshot, I’m selecting only those domains with a Trust Flow between 50 and 100. (See this blogpost on how to check the quality of backlinks from prospects).

Showing how to filter a graph by Trust Flow score

Note: If you’re technical-minded, the filters work in a logical “OR” fashion.  For example, if you choose “Trust Flow from 50-100” and “Show Tier 4”, we’ll show all domains that have either a TF from 50 to 100 OR is a Tier 4 link.  The tool will not (at the moment) show you “only Tier 4 links that have a TF from 50-00”

When you have a group of domains of interest, flip back to the DOMAINS tab at any time for a table view of your list 

To demonstrate, I drew around the network of sites that are near Dixon Jones’ home page. Then I clicked on the “Domains” tab.  Here’s the list of the 25 domains in my selection.

Showing the list of domains for a selected cluster of websites from a backlink profile
A tabular list of backlinks from a backlink profile after filtering

To use your list outside of Majestic, press the “Export” button and download the domains as a CSV file.

Showing that you can download listed domains as a CSV, and it reflects what's in the domain list panel

This ends the change log for this release.  I hope that there was something in there that helps your workflows.

Link Graph and these new exports are available to all Majestic paid subscribers.

If you’d like to try Majestic, here are links for our free showcase site.

We hope that you continue to enjoy the unique insights that Link Graph delivers. If you have any feedback, or know a way that we can make your Majestic life easier, please get in touch with our amazing support team.


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