Majestic is proud to announce their partnership with a Chicago based SaaS company, Serpico. Serpico offers professional SEO software for backlink campaign management, focusing on both a website’s backlink profile as well its competitors. Think of Serpico as an x-ray machine providing the competitive intelligence needed to dominate the SERPs. Serpico evaluates the backlinks within top-ranking SERPs and “reverse engineers” this data, providing insights on the backlinking strategies as well as marketing and content goals of a company’s rivals. Ultimately, the Saas Company drives conversions through competitive intelligence. There are many features including:

Common Reporting:  Serpico’s Common Reporting tool will identify common anchor text, common linking domains, and common backlink types across a businesses’ competition. The tool finds anchor text and links that the competition is leveraging.  Ultimately, Serpico provides answers to the quiz.


Serpico anchor text image


Link Builder: Level the playing field by submitting for backlinks based on the data collected. Serpico’s submission features can help move the organic needle and increase competitiveness with firms making significant investment in link-building programs.


Link buider image


Competition Finder:  Serpico’s SERP Competition Finder identifies competition in the SERPs. The SERP Competition Finder works by analysing search results for multiple keywords simultaneously and then compiling a list of competitors ranked based on several factors including, keyword search volume, rankings and the attractiveness of a keyword.


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Pinpoint valuable keywords and track their rankings over time:  There is little value in optimising for keywords that do not produce ROI, therefore Serpico monitors the constant fluctuation of these targeted keywords and provides data and insights on the keyword niches that offer the most profit.

View backlink data of up to ten competitors at once:  Backlinks are categorized by type and anchor text while also sorted based on common backlinks. This is the advantage to using a tool designed by SEOs for SEOs.

Unlimited users and projects: Serpico encourages collaboration among team members and allows an unlimited amount of users to be attached to each campaign.  There are also no limits on how many projects can be attached to each campaign.

Serpico’s SEO tools are setup to cater to all types of search marketing professionals. There are programs available for novice marketers looking to make smart internet decisions or tested SEO professional with years of experience. Serpico is designed to help in-house marketers, SEO consultants, link-builders, and agencies of all sizes. More information on the various programs is available here.



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