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seoClarity is one of the leading enterprise SEO platforms in the United States and Majestic are delighted to announce that they have now chosen majestic SEO as their link intelligence partner.

We asked seoClarity’s Co-Founder, Mitul Gandhi, what makes seoClarity “Enterprise” and (because we really wanted to know) what made them choose Majestic’s data as opposed to anyone else’s.

Given the unique approach that seoClarity takes towards SEO, finding a data source with breadth and depth to data was imperative. Mitul said, “The key difference is in our approach to SEO. From day one, we approached it with the idea of helping enterprises understand exactly what was happening with every aspect of their SEO… and that is no small challenge, given that we’re talking thousands or millions of pages… plus tens of thousands of keywords… and we wanted to help enterprises understand this on a daily, not weekly or monthly basis.”

Continued Gandhi, “Our view is, we need to track and report on every aspect of SEO, from bot-level traffic to your website, all the way through to full crawls of your websites, encompassing millions of pages. We built the platform to have a truly open architecture, allowing for any analytics data to be plugged in, no matter the source.  It’s a concept we call Whole Page Optimization… it’s the idea that the search results page is no longer just about organize search; it includes PPC, social, local… and we approach it holistically in order to provide our clients the most complete picture of their inbound marketing efforts.”

In speaking about seoClarity’s thorough & comprehensive search for a link data partner, Gandhi explained, “We chose Majestic because our platform is built to help enterprises answer really difficult questions about their SEO, and not to just show them “data”. It’s about providing insights, and with Majestic we’ve found a partner that aligns with the depth and breadth of information that our clients need and expect from seoClarity.”

“Majestic’s innovation around the Fresh index aligns extremely closely with our provision of daily data to our clients.  Additionally, the breadth of historical data that we get from Majestic has been extremely impressive.  And all of this rich information from Majestic integrates seamlessly due to their robust API, making the daily data acquisition a very efficient process”, said Gandhi.

About seoClarity

seoClarity is the first and only Enterprise SEO Platform that provides you complete visibility into ALL of your SEO efforts, from search engine crawler activity, on-page optimization, keyword rankings, click-through rates and conversion rates and updates it daily. seoClarity is comprised of professionals with strong direct marketing backgrounds, a team of incredibly smart statisticians, and the brightest minds with over 30 years combined of SEO experience working in and with enterprises. The result is a platform that delivers unparalleled SEO intelligence, which is easy to use. All of this adding up to a formula that saves you time and effort, while contributing to a positive ROI.

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You can either head over to or contact:Doug Benson, Director of Marketing on +1 312-659-1228

Email: dbenson at

Want to find out what seoClarity sounds like?

Mitul Gandhi from SEO Clarity will be Dixon’s guest on Search Kingdom on Thursday.


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