Yesterday our attention was caught by a story on BBC News about a controversial site offering it’s own unique version of an Alternative Vote to rank Members of Parliament (MPs) in order of preference…

Naturally our interest was purely professional (well, mostly!) – how long did it take for this site to get so known that mainstream media like BBC started reporting about it, and most importantly – how did our index coped with the challenge of detecting such a case.

First of all we’ve looked at the domain name itself –, it looked very new and indeed its WHOIS data confirmed it:


So, the site was brand new, registered 26 May 2011 which is last week at the time of writing this post. In a way it was pretty discouraging as such a recent date as new sites present serious problem to solve for large scale systems like ours. Is our fresh index up to the challenge?

Yes it is! We’ve actually detected links to that domain on the first day when it was registered! 🙂

Detailed analysis of back-links using our Site Explorer tool suggests that this site was very well targeted at relevant social media sites fuelled by Twitter is #1 in referring domains right now. Some of the referring domains are captured on our referring domains chart on the Site Explorer summary screen – a screen shot of which is included below – access to this screen is free for registered users – all it takes to register for free for Majestic SEO is your email address and answers to a couple of questions.


Referring domains for

Given the growth seen to date, we anticipate entering the Majestic Million before long. Interestingly, this site seems to have been “boot strapped” by a large number of no-follow links – sufficiently well placed to generate a genuine buzz, which has in turn facilitated mainstream media interest – a case of the role of clever use of social media and PR over bulk link acquisition?


60% of current links are nofollow


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  • Dixon

    After a night’s sleep, the Fresh index now has over 700 links, with only about a third nofollowed. Interesting to watch a viral campaign spread almost in real time.

    June 2, 2011 at 9:32 am
  • Wool Overs

    Yup, we take our elections seriously in the UK!

    Just goes to prove that it can be quicker than a lot of pople believe to start getting your site to show in rankings!

    June 15, 2011 at 1:26 pm

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