Digital Brand MasterclassOn Tuesday September 8th, Majestic are happy to announce that Dixon Jones will be heading a session at Digital Brand Masterclass, held in London. The session starts at 8:30am and runs up to 12:30pm so be sure to get in there early. Dixon will be focusing on the importance of Majestic Flow Metrics in the Digital Marketing industry and how you should be using them.
Flow Metrics are a way to understand connections on the internet and how these connections influence pages, sites and conversations online. With these unique metrics, the insights are endless and have proved useful in many Marketing strategies. Using a simple logarithmic score between 0-100, the Flow Metrics are easy to understand and apply to your needs.

Get a head start and take a quick look at how we have recently used these metrics and created an extra special race car based interactive game that cleverly uses these scores of big named websites to power their vehicles and control the speed.

Good luck and hope to see you at Dixon’s Masterclass!

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