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We have just launched a new radio show on Thursday, “Search Kingdom”. Webmaster Radio has been specialising in online pod-casts for the search and Internet marketing community  for probably five years now and Dixon Jones has been a guest on various shows there a few times – both live a from conferences like SES and Pubcon and also via Skype on phone-ins. So when the radio channel contacted us to ask if he would like to host a show, we were happy to throw him the gauntlet.

However – saying yes and getting the show to air were, we found out, two completely different  challenges. Dixon was very much asked to get involved in the show’s name, structure and production elements. We did not want to lose our “Englishness” in the show – which I think caused some small concerns at the radio station’s Fort Lauderdale HQ – where “British” translated to “switch off” in their minds. Dixon may have unintentionally insulted Brandy – one of the radio channel’s owners – by suggesting that Americans are a bit “loud” on radio for mourintended audience. Sorry about that Brandy!

Fortunately, Brandy and Brasco (WebmasterRadio’s production manager) helped us through the process and we eventually came up with “Search Kingdom”. Every show will get the chance to go into some depth interviewing someone from the search technology world, rather than moving from pillar to post with ideas. We kept the “Englishness” (well the UK at least) in the name  and the word “Kingdom” also helped to bring in the “Majestic” theme. Alongside the show we also ran radio adverts for Majestic SEO based around “Knights of the realm” and think we just about balanced, “British” with “education” and “entertainment” in equal measure.

So with the format agreed, Brasco and Brandy’s team worked on the trailers and advert, whilst Majestic SEO helped to put together the Search Kingdom banners and the icon you see on this post – which will form the “cover artwork” on iTunes.

Dixon takes up the story.

“Because it was my first show – I initially asked for the first show to be pre-recorded. I managed to collar Steve Lock from AnalyticsSEO to be my first guinea p… I mean Interview personality. We recorded the show and… well.. the first run was not good. Even with Jorge Brasco doing a great job in post production, I really wasn’t happy with what we had produced. I had ignored pretty much every training tip I had been given and had even recorded from a room full of people down a USB phone. It would have been OK… but we had so much good content in the show – it was a real pity that it had been degraded by my inexperience.

“Fortunately, I was due to see Steve Lock in person at Sascon – which was also the same time as the ‘Go-to-air’ date – so in the end we took the plunge and re-did the whole episode LIVE from SASCon. I am really pleased I took that decision and I expect so is Jorge Brasco – who has now got a much better first show “in the can”. The live show is a cracking start to my radio presenter career.”

So with all that – we hope you will take the chance to download this first edition of our monthly show – either here or via iTunes or via WebmasterRadio’s download site. On the Live premiere episode Dixon discusses the latest on the Google Penguin Updates, the new Majestic SEO tool set of link metrics called Flow Metrics plus how AnalyticsSEO will be using those new metrics.


Podcast: Play in new window | Download


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