Image: Site Explorer Data Row Increase. Up to 2x more rows for Pro

TLDR: Subscribers to Majestic PRO ( and some other plans ) will now see more backlink data available in Site Explorer.

The maximum rows of backlink data reported in Site Explorer for PRO subscribers is increasing. The maximum row count has doubled, increasing from 15,000 to 30,000 rows of backlink data. The price remains the same. PRO is available on a monthly $99 option with a discount for annual. Subscribers on a number of other plans also see an increase in the backlink rows shown.

This increase is immediate, and available now for both new and existing Majestic PRO subscribers.

How do I access this data?

This update is automatic. If you have a PRO account, you can now access 30,000 rows using Site Explorer – you’ll see the rows indicator in the top left hand corner. This extended range of data is available to query in the Site Explorer report, and also available to download via the Export Data menu.

Site Explorer, highligting the number of returned data items
Up to 30,000 Rows of backlink data now accessible in Site Explorer on PRO

If you want to download competitor backlinks for a number of sites, Majestic offer a bulk backlink export option built into the bucket tool. The Top Backlinks Download matches the rows available in Site Explorer, but supports the download of backlinks for more than ones site at a time. The bulk backlink export makes it easy to download backlinks for a large number of sites without having to use site explorer for every site. Multiple downloads can consume resources from your subscription, BUT the first 25 sites downloaded every day are included in your PRO plan.

A screenshot of requesting multiple exports from Buckets.
“Top Backlinks” bulk extract in bucket now supports up to 30,000 rows per report on PRO

Which plans are changing?

The maximum row count of Site Explorer backlinks is increased on a number of plans. A summary of those plans benefiting from this enhancement is shown in the table below.

Plan Rows before changeRows after change
Lite 5,0005,000 ( no change )
Silver (Legacy Plan)5,0005,000 ( no change )
Gold (Legacy Plan)15,00030,000
Pro 15,00030,000
Pro L30,00040,000
Pro XL50,00050,000 ( no change )
API 30,00050,000
API L40,00050,000
API XL50,00050,000 ( no change )

As the table shows, PRO and API users see an increase in data, in addition to our valued Legacy Gold customers who also enjoy an upgrade as a part of this enhancement. We have taken this opportunity to tackle an anomaly whereby the API enabled plans would offer 50,000 rows of data via the API endpoint, but Site Explorer access was capped at a lower level for the same plan.

PRO L and PRO XL may be unfamiliar, as they are not listed on the plans and prices page. These plans are upgrade options, which you can read more about below.

What are PRO L ( and PRO XL )?

PRO L and PRO XL offer an upgrade path to PRO customers. These enhanced plans are not available on the plans and pricing page. An upgrade is only offered if you have a PRO subscription.

Our experience shows that the PRO plan is a well resourced plan that offers substantial resources that satisfy the vast majority of subscribers. However, some agencies and consultants require just a little bit more power. Before the introduction of the PRO L and PRO XL plans, the only option for these users was to subscribe to the backlinks API.

PRO L and PRO XL were designed to satisfy customer demand for people whose workloads demanded more data, but for whom the API represents unrequired overhead. The plans offer more analysis units – facilitating more backlink exports, and also higher number of maximum backlink rows in Site Explorer.
PRO XL costs $199.99 pcm, whereas PRO XL comes in $50 cheaper at $149.99. While PRO L sees a rise from 30,000 to 40,000 backlinks, PRO XL previously offered 50,000 rows of data and is therefore unaffected by this change.

What about Lite?

The Lite plan is not impacted by this change. The Lite plan continues to offer excellent access at a competitive price point. Lite offers thousands of Site Explorer queries per month with up to 5,000 rows returned per query.

And the API?

The Majestic API, is not affected by this change. However, API plans also offer access to the web based interface for interrogating the Majestic backlink database. For consistency, Site Explorer Access for these plans now facilitates up to 50,000 rows of data.

In summary

These enhancements are available now to new and existing customers!

Existing subscribers on the plans benefiting from this change will see the changes immediately ( if you haven’t already ). If you are looking to take out a new subscription, the changes are already reflected on the subscription plans available onsite.

We will be updating our documentation over the next few days to reflect these improvements. If you have any questions about this upgrade, or Majestic, or notice the old access levels mentioned on site, please do drop our friendly Customer Success team a line and let us know.

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