How come competitors get great Digital PR and you don’t? [Videos]

Media coverage rarely happens by accident.

If your competitor is rewarded with great PR coverage, it’s probably because they put the effort into understanding the Digital PR process – and then making it work for them. It’s called ‘earned media’ for a reason!

But anyone can earn media coverage – and the editorial links that can go with it.

In this series of short videos, I’m going to show you how anyone can be successful. The first step is looking at what your competitors are doing – and see what lessons their success has for you. I’ve broken this down into 4 key reasons why PR campaigns work:

  • Determination: They keep at it!
  • Engagement: They spread memorable stories
  • Humanity: They focus on people
  • Treasure: They create something worth linking to

Incorporate these steps into your own Digital PR and your chances of success will be so much higher.

Digital PR Video #1: Determination: They keep at it!

Determination is one of the most important qualities of a successful media campaign. You’ll have multiple rejections, your pitches, ignored, your calls unreturned and all manner of setbacks that might make you think you’re never going to get anywhere. That happens to us all – even seasoned Digital  PRs – but keep at it, learn as you go and you will be successful. (Sound a bit like link building? It is!) This video shares some tips that will help you through the dark days!

Digital PR Video #2: Engagement: They spread memorable stories

You can’t expect a journalist to ‘find’ memorable stories within your company – you’ve got to do that work for them. There’s no point saying to a journalist, “We’re the leading company in the State of xxx, could you interview our CEO?” Instead, you must ‘create’ the story by crafting a compelling reason for them to talk to you.

So how do you do that? This video will show you how.

Digital PR Video #3: Humanity: They focus on people

You could say that PR stories are not so much about the company, but about the ‘people’ in the company. People have an enduring fascination for journalists because they know their readers (that’s us!) love stories about real people.

Focusing on real people in your company can be a powerful PR strategy – and makes for some linkworthy material. As an example, let’s look at a hotel’s unique story.

DigitalPR Video #4: Treasure: They create something worth linking to

The single most important thing you can do to earn an editorial link is to create something that the journalist feels they have to share – because it adds real value to their story.

In this video, we show how an individual computer consultant won great coverage in The Washington Post.

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