March 30th 2020: Prompted by feedback from @thegamingseo , we’ve added ‘Indirect Target URL’ and ‘Indirect Target Type’ fields to the export as detailed below.
Post Originally Released: January 21st 2020

We’ve revamped our backlinks export for 2020 to bring you more data with less cryptic column headers.

Majestic is a great source of backlinks data – but as one of the most established players, our data export options have begun to show their age in places. We’ve received customer feedback asking for more data from more of our exports in a more industry standard way – and we are happy to oblige!

To avoid disrupting existing workflows, these changes will be introduced gradually – initially running as an optional beta.

Benefits of Full Export

Improved column headings

The new Export uses “industry standard” column headers which are grouped together logically. We view this change as an important first step to enhancing the clarity of how data is presented across the Majestic toolset.

Link Context Data

Link Context data for Top Links has been available for download in the Link Context tab since the feature was released in September 2019.

The Majestic Web Crawlers have now aggregated sufficient data to add this valuable data to the “Full Export”. We’ve taken some of the key datapoints from Link Context and included them in this download.

New Data Columns

Majestic collects many data points from the web, only a few of which were included in the old backlinks export. We have used this opportunity to review our offering and added a number of new fields to the export.

For those keen on link audit – we hope these new data columns facilitate even deeper backlinks analysis. New fields include Flow Metrics scores of the source domain; source URL outlinks count, and the detected Language of the source page of the link.

How can I try the new backlinks export?

To avoid breaking existing workflows, the new backlinks export is being operated as an opt-in public beta.

#1 Click the existing “Raw Export” icon in Site Explorer.

Backlink download with Majestic Site Explorer
Majestic Site Explorer – Download Website Backlinks

#2 To access the new data export, open the Full Export panel using the down arrow (1), and click try now (2).

Download all backlinks: ew full export with new data from Majestic
Download all Backlinks: a full export with new data
Download Backlinks: Full Export of all backlink data
Download Backlinks: Full Export of all Backlink Data

#3 The new Full Export is now activated. Click ‘Build Download’ to prepare the download.

Backlink download, available with Link Context information (in BETA at the time of this writing)
Backlink Download, complete with Link Context (in BETA)

#4 Download the file

Your download will appear at the bottom-left corner of your window. Unzip the gzip file using a third-party tool such as 7-zip. You can now conduct your own analysis on the spreadsheet!

Backlink download option appears in the bottom left hand side of screen
Backlink download option appears in the bottom left hand side of screen

Full Export will become the default format on successful completion of the download. The legacy format will still be available to use, by clicking the text in the bottom-left of the dialog. Once you click the text, the old Raw Export will be your default format.

Backlink download Full Export with Majestic: Legacy format option
Use the legacy format to downlaod all backlink data (raw export)

The new data in full

The New Export includes new data fields, and has renamed some cryptically named fields like “Flag Old Crawl”. A full breakdown of fields are shown below:

(Old) Raw Export Column Headers (New) Full Export Column Headers Description of Data
  Ref Domain Backlink pointing to the Source URL
Source URL Source URLURL of the page
  Source TitleTitle of the Source URL
SourceTrustFlow Source Trust FlowTrust Flow of the Source URL
SourceCitationFlow Source Citation FlowCitation Flow of the Source URL
Anchor Text Anchor TextAnchor Text of link (lowercase)
Target URL Target URLURL the link points to
  Link TypeThe type of link
  Link SubTypeDetailed description of the type of link
  Link Context BeforeThe text including key html elements before the anchor text
  Link Context MiddleAnchor text of the link (as found)
  Link Context AfterThe text including key html elements after the anchor text
  Link Density Percentage of surrounding content that is made up of other links
  Link Context External LinksNumber of external links before and after the anchor text.
  Link Context Internal LinksNumber of internal links before and after the anchor text.
  Link OrdinalIndex of the link on the page
FlagRedirect Is RedirectIs the link a redirect link
FlagFrame Is FrameIs the link a frame
FlagNoFollow Is NoFollowIs the link a NoFollow link
FlagImageLink Is ImageIs the link an image
FlagOldCrawl Is LostWas the link  found during the last crawl
FlagAltText Is AltTextIs the link is the alternative text of an image
FlagMention   No longer available in Full Export
Source First Found Date Link First Indexed DateThe date the link was first crawled
Source Crawl Date Link Last Seen DateThe date the link was last crawled
  Link Lost DateThe date the link was not found by the crawler
  Link Lost Crawl Result The response code of the Source URL when the link was lost
  Source Internal OutLinksThe number of internal outbound link of the Source URL
  Source External OutLinksThe number of external outbound link of the Source URL
  Source Total OutLinksThe total number of outbound links for the Source URL (Internal + External)
  Source External OutDomainsExternal outbound links grouped by domain
  Source Page Size (KB)The size of the Source URL page
  Source LanguageDetected language of the Source URL
  Source Language DescriptionThe full name of the detected language of the Source URL
  Source Language ConfidenceConfidence the language of the Source URL is the language detected
  Ref Domain Trust FlowTrust Flow of the Ref Domain
  Ref Domain Citation FlowCitation Flow of the Ref Domain
Ref Domain IPThe IP of the Ref Domain
Target Trust Flow Target Trust FlowTrust Flow of the target URL
Target Citation Flow Target Citation FlowCitation Flow of the target URL
Indirect Target URL The original target of a backlink, where a backlink is passed through a redirect or canonical link
Indirect Target Type The reason for the backlink being passed through
SourceTopicalTrustFlow Source Topical Trust FlowWebsite categorisation of the Source URL
RefDomainTopicalTrustFlow Ref Domain Topical Trust FlowWebsite categorisation of the Ref Domain
  Target Topical Trust FlowWebsite categorisation of the Target URL

In Conclusion

We hope you like the new data and layout in raw export and look forward to any feedback you may have on the new format and enhanced data provided.

We believe the new format is in the best interests of new customers, but recognise our valued customers may have processes built around existing formats, and are therefore aiming to phase in introduction of the new format.

At present – we plan to offer support for the legacy data extract format for the foreseeable future. However, the new format is planned to become the default format for onsite downloads in due course, and it is likely to become opt-out rather than opt-in when the beta period finishes. Please contact support if this is likely to cause you concern. We do not foresee the need to make any breaking changes to the existing API.

All existing subscribers can try the new Full Export. To get the most out of the Full Data, New subscribers are encouraged to try the PRO plan at a monthly cost of £79.99/€94.99/$99.99. New Customers benefit from a 7-day money back guarantee for Lite and PRO plans. Try it out


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