Here is some exciting news for app developers.

In May whilst preparing for the release of our free webmaster tools for domain owners tool, we slipped out an under-the-radar upgrade to support JSON as a return data format in our http based API, facilitating the delivery of our product to a greater number of platforms. For those using our connectors or existing API – don’t worry – our connectors and XML feeds are maintained as a part of Majestic’s industry leading commitment to backwards compatibility, and JSON is an additional complementary, rather than replacement, technology.

Whilst we are pleased with the take up and feedback of our API connector software – which provide example code for separating the message format processing of our API from the data capture. We are aware that for some platforms, it has not been possible to embed connector code, and there are instances where parsing our XML formatted messages can be a challenge.

We have therefore responded to market demand, (and enhancements required for internal projects), by adding a JSON mode to our output – now it is possible to call GetBackLinkData, or our other API commands and receive the following:

Json from Majestic API

The full instructions for accessing this change are on our developer website, and it’s a good excuse for developers to ensure they are up-to-date on their Majestic API skills by reviewing our API documentation. The short version for those as skilled as they are impatient – you’ll need to process the messages yourself and change the endpoint to:

We hope that developers, techies and app builders will welcome this and that this change will help facilitate the spread of Majestic data across even more platforms.

Steve Pitchford

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