Following the popular reaction to our Site Explorer updates (featuring new and lost links tabs and a new anchor text breakdown),
we are pleased to announce, today, the support of these features via the Majestic API.

Documentation has already been made available on our developers site at for the following commands:


For popular keyword, this command tells users how many times we have seen this keyword in URLS, Ancor text or Titles on the web. This is a powerful new piece of information, which is independent of Google’s concept of Keyword competitiveness and we therefore feel will be valuable to the PPC and Advertising world as much as the Organic SEO world.


Following widespread positive feedback for our new and lost backlinks enhancement (featuring date range selection ), we have released the command which powers our powerful new and lost backlinks calendar chart:

This can list the backlink detail for any given date and is the real “meat” of the data.


We have also enhanced our Backlinks API to provide a better interface to our backlinks data:

This command is more efficient than our previous command at returning large volumes of backlinks. Obviously, we appreciate a large number of organisations have come to depend on our interface, so the old means of calling will be supported for legacy customers.


This command powers the new and lost backlink charts in site explorer where it provides a link count summary of the dates one needs to drill down on when analysing New or lost links information.

We hope these are as well received as our front end changes to site explorer!

Access to our API

Our API is available on the Platinum package at £250 (+VAT in Europe) a month and above for agencies and companies not using the data to sell in a third party web product. At this level you can also request OpenApps access so that other users can use their account in tools that you build. You can simply upgrade your account online to get Platinum access. If you are inetrested in building a third party application, get in touch if you want to learn more about our API.

Steve Pitchford

Steve has a been in tech since the late 90's, learning the ropes with a UK e-retailer through much of the first dotcom boom after developing a passion for the web during his BSc in Computer Science.

Steve has been engaged with the Birmingham tech scene for years, co-organising the grassroots open-source conference YAPC:: Europe 2008, and founding the West Midlands Java User Group in 2014.

Steve Pitchford

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