Majestic has had a bit of a delayed spring clean! We have rolled out:

  • Redirection Status Codes
  • Improved ability to Download ALL your back links
  • Better clarification when your reports are out of date
  • Better navigation in advanced reports

We have also updated some other areas of the site.

Standard Report counts and Advanced Report counts


Table from the plans and pricing page
No. of reports per month and maximum analysable back links for Silver, Gold & Platinum

We recognise that having separate report counts for Standard Reports and Advanced Reports ( in addition to the Maximum backlinks allowance for Advanced Reports ) is unnecessarily complex.

Unfortunately, due to the staggering amount of data analysed in the production of Advanced Reports, we cannot remove the backlinks restrictions upon them, but we have merged the Standard Report count and Advanced Report count into one new total which we hope is easier to explain to newcomers to Majestic – “Detailed Reports Per Month”. We have generated this new figure as a sum of the Standard Report count and Advanced Report count – which we hope provides a large gain in flexibility for our customers, without any degradation in service.

Site Explorer

You asked for Redirect Information and Status Codes on Site Explorer. You Got It:

At the page level, we show redirection types where they exist


Changes to the “My Reports” screen

We have never liked the yellow band at the top of the screen with the message to refresh reports where appropriate. So we have removed it. As a replacement, we now have context sensitive refresh buttons which appear when a report does not contain the latest data. Get used to seeing it near your Fresh Reports!

Look for the new “Updated report available” button.


Advanced Report Screens


The advanced report navigation is now more consistent and logical.

The first thing you may notice in the Advanced Report Changes is the addition of the same menus system used on the “My Reports” screen – clearing the Margin on the left hand side of the screen to give you a better view of your data. Whilst the “Overview” link is now hidden from the menu it is still available on the breadcrumb trail so is just as accessible as ever.

Following Feedback on the difficulty of finding the “download all backlinks” button on advanced reports, we have broken the download options down to four screens. The top option – “Download backlinks”.


It is easier now to download all links.

We have moved the Advanced Report Analysis Options under the “Regenerate Report” menu. We have also added a calendar pop-up in order to ease date handling on both sides of the Atlantic.

There is also now a first found date selector – though please note that the accuracy decreases significantly for historic reports as one travels further back in time – try to assume approximate months.

Standard Reports

We’ve also tidied the Standard Report overview screen. Previously on Majestic, the term “backlink” was used slightly ambiguously depending on the context. On the Standard Report, which contains a lot of anchor text information, the term backlink was a little vague, and could be interpreted as indicating the number of rows of data. As we use the term backlink to describe the relationship between two URLs on other parts of Majestic, we decided to alter the Standard Report to emphasise that data is in rows containing Link Data. As a result of this, we have reformatted the Standard Report overview, and enhanced the information shown.

New Standard Report Screen


We hope you like this spring tidy – we’ve been able to act on some feedback and we hope we have managed to both enhance and simplify our service – a difficult juggling act. We recognise we still have improvements to make, so if you spot any errors or commissions, particularly on our new FAQ or Glossary then please contact us.

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  • Dave

    I was wondering if you could explain this a little more in depth?

    “though please note that the accuracy decreases significantly for historic reports as one travels further back in time”

    Is there a certain amount of time which is too much in the past. I am asking for clarification because this is one of the pieces of data I have been hoping to have included.

    It is a valuable piece of info to know when a link was first found, is this “first found” (as well as the “last crawled”) date field included in a download? Would like to be able to compare first found to last crawled for frequency.

    Your response is appreciated!

    September 28, 2011 at 12:29 am
    • Alex


      It’s a good question.

      We will be adding First Found date to CSV downloads made via Download tab in Advanced Reports, currently only Last Crawled date is included but we’ll have both later this week.

      The reduction in accuracy for historical index only is that dates chosen for first found will be very accurate (exact day) for up to 5 month in the past, and approximate (exact month) for older periods. This means if you extract new links found in the last few months then your choice of date will be very accurate.

      September 28, 2011 at 10:10 am
  • Anthony

    How does this affect the API?

    October 7, 2011 at 10:31 am

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