Many users appreciate the suite of online tools provided by Majestic SEO – we’ve already been getting positive feedback about our Fresh Index ( the blog post for which has already been detected by our crawlers and added to our fresh index ) and we are grateful to all those in the SEO community who have told us how much they like site explorer, clique hunter and our free to use SEO Tools. Today I’d like to focus on one of our services that has a lower profile, but following rumours of the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer, has been receiving significant interest. The service in question is our Majestic API.

Extend your analysis with the Majestic API

For those who are unaware of the API, it is available on Platinum plans upward, and allows automated queries of the Majestic SEO backlink indexes ( both fresh and historic ) for internal use. Requests are via a simple XML based RPC mechanism which is documented in our Extensive online documentation. To complement our documentation we offer an API sandbox to enable developers to test and develop tools outside of the live data set.

In order to further support our growing community of developers and respond to customer demand, we have today released a suite of connectors – code libraries which ease the development of calls to Majestic SEO, and return data to users in a consistent way. We selected four languages for these connectors, targeting appservers and Microsoft platforms with C# and Java, and we also selected two popular web orientated languages to cater for those with light-weight intranet based systems – Perl and PHP. We believe most developers should have sufficient familiarity with these languages to port the code to other platforms should they be required. These Connectors, and example code can be found on our Majestic Developer Support site.

These are currently available in beta form – we will be looking to revise the code based on customer feedback and welcome any specific queries regarding implementation or feature requests via our support tool.

We will be doing more work in this area, and in particular are looking for feedback regarding the language choices for more adapters – should we add Python or Ruby support for example, or is there another platform that would be useful?

Steve Pitchford


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