Making the right marketing decisions online is not just about having the right information at your fingertips. It is also about timely information. Having marketing signals sent straight to your inbox can help you make better, faster decisions.

But how should we deal with the high volume of messages hitting our inboxes every day? With additional help from email notifications, the whole process of tracking things can be even more efficient and smooth; while still saving you some time. This article describes 8 different, more creative ways of how to use email notifications. So how can you use these email alerts?

Focus on Reputation Management

Let’s start with reputation management. As we all know, creating and running consistent profiles across the Web can be tough, especially as nothing of what is on the Internet is actually 100% private. That is why just one small comment, bad review or simply a human being mean can damage something you’ve been working on for years. Getting alerts to your inbox and reviewing incoming backlinks can help save you a lot of stress. You would be able to react immediately whenever some unpleasant text shows up.

Keep an eye on your competition

Sometimes companies focus so much on their own business or website that they forget about monitoring their competition when it comes to finding out about their new products, ideas, partnerships or simply what their new content is. Creating new links email notifications for various website can help you monitor their strategy. Is there a new blogger within the market worth your attention? Maybe it’s a new review website? How about some influencer looking for an opportunity to test new products and write about them for free? All that can be found while drilling through your competitor’s backlinks, so what are you waiting for?

Track trends on your website

Monitoring trends on your website can help you learn a lot about your visitors. Monitoring the amount and type of links pointing to your pages can help you justify whenever you perhaps waste time promoting your homepage while a blog or store is the main destination for your visitors. Following new links with information about Topical Trust Flow can help clarify what the main interests of the websites actually are.

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Search for authoritative Twitter accounts

Tracking influential or competitive Twitter profiles is a must if you want to be aware of what’s going on within the industry. Tracking them can help you:

  • Track person’s influence, which can help you decide whenever their online presence has a backup in the form of articles being written about them, learn if they actually help generate content within the industry and most importantly, know if their opinion actually matters. You can now find these influential Twitter accounts with Majestic Social Explorer ™
  • To find what websites your competitors get their content from. Let’s be honest, if somebody writes an article, good comment or review; it always goes on social media. That is why by analysing influential people or simply reviewing profiles of your competitors, you can get a list of great sources that contain content similar to yours topics.

React much quicker

We can say that the World Wide Web is a wide and viral place. In one second: 7,101 Tweets are being sent out; over 52,716 Google searches are being made and 2,463,690 emails have been sent. Quick, right? That is why monitoring changes on your website on a daily base allows you to:

  • React much quicker to cases of suspicious changes on your websites.
  • Notice any SPAM websites which decided to suck the power out of your website. Sorry parasite, not this time!
  • Be the first person to notice changing patterns within your industry and hopefully create a backup strategy to face the issue.

Increase work productivity

2014 Wasting Time at Work Survey has shown that over 60% of employees waste up to an hour of their working day…regularly. That means it’s about 5 hours per week and about 20 hours per month. Yes, and as an employer, you write the pay cheques for it! Out of this, 26% of respondents mentioned that browsing the Internet is the activity that keeps them away from given tasks. Email alerts can be a great way to address these issues and prevent users from using their browser again. In general, it allows a user to focus on important tasks in regarding to your SEO strategy. React and investigate if necessary or move onto more important tasks like looking for a new prospects.

Track your campaigns

Marketers, hands up! Campaigns can be tracked…also via new links email notifications! How come?! Put simply, whenever you create a new product or place an advert online, you can easily see if this action caused a flow of new backlinks. Good promotion should help convince a number of journalists, bloggers or influencers to write about it and link back to your website. You know what is even more exciting? Topical Trust Flow is included in Majestic’s email alerts and can help you get an overview on how the public actually responds to your product or ad.

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Keep your backup copies

Have you ever experienced loss or deletion of some very important documents? Having some additional printable backup copies of your incoming links can be a great way to make sure you have all you need to keep them in track. All inboxes now allow you to create separate folders. With Majestic you can create up to 10 different alerts for various websites. That means you can create a folder for each specific website that you wish to monitor. With one click you can drop them there, wait for the time to come…and then print them all out!

As you can see, email alerts don’t have to be a bunch of boring, spammy emails bothering your inbox on a daily bases. It is possible that email notifications like those created by Majestic can help you improve the overall performance of your website, as well as pick unstable trends and improve your SEO strategy.

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